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Free Reads -- Marcy Jacks

Unfortunately I can't put up downloadable files for site visitors with my current subscription, and since I'm not ready to upgrade yet, the only way to read these will be by linking each free story to the Manlove Authors website. With a little help and some looking around, however, I got Fun with Fruit Juice Mix converted to epub format, so if anyone wants it for their ereader for whatever reason, shoot me a message at authormarcyjacks@gmail.com and I'll send it to you :)

The Blind Werewolf Lover -- Adam and Nick are going out for a run in the woods to celebrate something special when they have a dangerous run in with werewolf hunters.

Craving his Mate -- Jason Stone comes across his mate in danger. Prequel to The Luna Werewolves

The Alpha Wolf's Decision -- Corey and James discuss the unlikely chance that they will ever have children.

Fun with Fruit Juices -- Marcy Jacks Free Read



Taylor secretly puts red fruit juice mix into his angel lover's water bottle, and it has an interesting side effect.

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